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Beck is one of the most creative and idiosyncratic musicians around. He grew up in Los Angeles and was strongly influenced by all the music that LA brings. Struggling early, he became a sudden success with the single, Loser. His success also brought criticism that he was a one-hit wonder.

With the release of his Grammy winning 1996 release, Odelay, the critics were silenced. Beck continued to create unique music, taking inspiration from anything and everything around. This mashup of musical tastes has allowed Beck a freedom many artists don't have; namely he can record almost anything and it's accepted as Beck's sound.

Orphans is off his 2008 release, Modern Guilt. This is the first collaboration between Beck and producer, Danger Mouse (aka Brian Burton). The pairing works well and the album shows.

Interesting Note; Beck is second-generation Scientologist. His wife, Marissa and her twin brother, Giovanni Ribisi, were delivered by Beck's mother, Bibbe.


Stena James | October 8, 2009 at 10:18 PM

YEARS ago, I accidentally swerved into him while dancing. I was spinning around and lost my balance and fell! He righted us, and very sweetly waved away this bodyguard/bouncer guy; I was grateful for that. (The bodyguard/bouncer was very broad, very tall, and all-in-all very frightening.) I was so embarrassed about my klutziness, that I didn't really look at him -just smiled and hurried back to my friends. They were all staring at me, saying "Do you know who that is!!!" I wasn't very familiar with Beck or his music, so the brush with celebrity was wasted on me. :D No, he impressed me because he was very kind and didn't let that burly guard kill me! All the same, there is something about meeting (or bumbling into) an artist that makes their work of greater personal interest thereafter. I'm glad he has done so well!

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