The La's - There She Goes

Today's Hump Day Retro-Closet tune is from The La's. The La's are unique for many reasons. First, the founder of the band, Mike Badger, was forced out before the recorded and album. Second, their only studio release only made it to #196 on the US top 2000 and #30 on the UK charts. Finally, although many people have not heard of them (except some real brit-pop fans), they have heard the song, There She Goes, off their self-titled debut release. Many believe it to be the perfect pop song.

Perfection was the undoing of the band. Leader Lee Marvin was such a perfectionist, the band broke up as he was so fixated on every detail of the music that recording a new album was impossible.

Interesting not: Bassist, John Powers left The La's and formed Cast. The last word of the last song on the La's only album is 'Cast'.


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