The Velvet Underground - Rock and Roll

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I am starting a new Hoi Polloi feature: The Hump Day Retro Closet. On Wednesdays, I will spotlight a track from more than 10 years ago. Today's track is from The Velvet Underground, a band that was far ahead of their time. In their brief history, they were not a commercial success, but their influence for future musicians was immense.

Founded by Lou Reed and John Cale in the early 60's, The Velvet Underground's history was as turbulent as the times they played. Rock and Roll is off their great album Loaded. To read their interesting history, check out the un-official Velvet Underground fan site.


Anonymous | June 4, 2009 at 10:01 AM

Good Choice here!

If yer startin' a retro music closet collection, the Velvets is a fine place to open with.

Nice alternate take on this classic song too.

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